Terms and conditions of using cookies at LLC “Mile Logistics” website

Terms and conditions of using cookies at LLC “Mile Logistics” website – mile-logistics.eu (henceforth – Document) describes use of cookies (LLC “Mile Logistics”, uniform registration No. 50103947851 legal address in Tvaika street 64-4, Riga, Latvia, LV-1034, contact info info@mile-logistics.eu) Mile Logistics.lv, goals of using cookies as well as rights of the users to change and select cookies options according to their needs.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by the internet browser in user’s device (computer, cell phone, tablet) when the user visits the website, in order to identify the browser or information or settings saved in the browser.

Cookies allow the website storing individual settings of the user, recognising him and responding accordingly to improve website visiting experience.

The user can disable or restrict using of cookies, but once cookies are blocked it will not be possible to fully use all functions of the site.

Depending on functions and goals, LLC “Mile Logistics” uses mandatory cookies, functional cookies, analytic cookies and target (advertising) cookies.

Mandatory cookies – These cookies are required to allow the user to freely visit and browse the website and use its features, including to obtain information about services and purchase them. These cookies identify user’s device, nevertheless, do not disclose user’s identity and they also do not gather and collect information. Without these cookies the website cannot function fully, for example, provide the necessary information to the user, ensure required services, order services. These cookies are stored in the user’s device until the internet browser is closed.

Functional cookies – functional cookies are used in the website to remember user’s settings and choices ensuring more comfortable use of the website. These cookies are stored in the user’s device permanently.

Analytic cookies – Analytic cookies collect information on how the user uses the website, identifies most visited sections, including content chosen by the user in a session. Information is used for analytic purposes to find out what the website visitors are interested in and how to improve the functionality of the website and to make it more convenient. Analytic cookies identify only user’s device but does not disclose his or her identity. In some cases, some of analytic cookies, on behalf of the website owner and in line with its instruction and only according to the specified goals, are managed by third parties — data processors (operators), such as Google Adwords.

Target (advertising) cookies – used to collect information about websites visited by the user to offer services of interest for our specific user or services of our cooperation partners, or show offers that match the interest shown by the particular user.

These cookies, with a consent of the website owner according to the specified goals, are usually created by third parties, such as Google Adwords. Target cookies are stored in the user’s device permanently.

For what purposes (goals) LLC “Mile Logistics” uses cookies?

LLC “Mile Logistics” uses cookies to improve website experience:

  • ensure functionality of the website;
  • adjust website functionality to user’s parameters, including language, search inquiries, previously viewed content;
  • obtain statistical data of visitor flow — number of visitors, time spent on page, etc.;
  • authorisation of users;
  • if the user is a customer of LLC “Mile Logistics” — to show services matching the user’s needs and offer other content created or disseminated by LLC “Mile Logistics” and offers when visiting LLC “Mile Logistics” websites.

How long are cookies stored?

Unless specified otherwise, cookies are stored until the activity is being performed for which they were collected, and afterwards they are deleted.

Cookies information is not transferred for processing outside the European Union and EEA.

Enabling and Disabling Cookies

When visiting LLC “Mile Logistics” website, the user will see a window with a message that the website is using cookies. By closing this informative window, the user confirms that he or she has read information about cookies, goals of their use, cases when their information is transferred to third party, and consents to it. Accordingly, the legal basis of using cookies is user’s consent.

If the user enters into a contract when using the website, the processing of cookies is necessary for the performance of the contract with the user and for LLC “Mile Logistics” to fulfil its legal obligations or pursue its legitimate interests.

Cookies can be restricted and deleted in the security settings of any internet browser. However, be noted that you cannot refuse from using mandatory and functional cookies as the sites and websites do not function properly without them.

Contact information

If the user has any questions about using cookies, he or she may contact LLC “Mile Logistics” at